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This year, Watches and Wonders saw the release of some excellent new timepieces from Japanese watch brand Grand Seiko. Discover some of their latest remarkable and innovative designs below.

SLGC001 – Tentagraph 

From their iconic Evolution 9 collection, Grand Seiko presents their new Tentagraph model, marking an exciting milestone for the brand as their first watch of its kind. 

Grand Seiko Tentagraph

High-beat precision and three days of power reserve come together in the new Tentagraph, Grand Seiko’s first mechanical chronograph.

This 43.2mm timepiece features a high-intensity titanium case with a scratch-resistant ceramic bezel, and is powered by the new Calibre 9SC5. This robust new release is water resistant to 100 metres. With a power reserve of 72 hours, this watch is the longest-running 10-beat chronograph available on the market today.

Grand Seiko Tentagraph Dial

In true Grand Seiko style, the gorgeous blue textured dial evokes the magnificence of Mt. Iwate, the soaring peak visible from their Studio Shizukuishi.

Grand Seiko Tentagraph

All up, the new Tentagraph boasts both technological innovation and the stunning Evolution 9 aesthetic. 

SBGE295 – Spring Drive GMT 

From their Sport collection, Grand Seiko releases this breathtaking new design, a powerful Spring Drive GMT.

Grand Seiko SBGE295

A Spring Drive GMT model with a dial reminiscent of the dynamic cliffs of the Hotaka Mountains.

This 44mm timepiece features a stainless-steel case and is powered by Calibre 9R66 Spring Drive movement with GMT function. It has an incredible water resistance of 200 metres. The rotating bezel with a 24-hour scale is crafted from sapphire glass and is complemented by another 24-hour dial ring display, allowing the wearer to read in three time zones.

Grand Seiko SBGE295

A stand-out feature of this new release is the unique green patterned dial, representing the sheer cliffs of the Hotaka Mountains, its hue capturing the brilliance of Hotaka’s short summers.

Grand Seiko SBGE295

Powerful winds and snow sculpted the faces of the cliffs over many long years to create a dynamic mountain range that is honoured by this powerful sport watch. 

SLGA023 – Spring Drive 5 Days Diver’s 200m

Once more from the Evolution 9 collection, Grand Seiko presents the exceptional new Spring Drive diver’s watch.

Grand Seiko SLGA023G

An Evolution 9 Collection Diver’s watch with 5-day Spring Drive movement.

This 43.8mm timepiece is comprised of a high-intensity titanium case and its features include 200 metres of water resistance. When fully wound, this watch has an incredible power reserve of 120 hours, thanks to Spring Drive Calibre 9RA5. 

Grand Seiko Dial SLGA023

The coastal waters of Japan inspired the beautiful blue dial, its patterned texture expressing the dynamic undulation of the waves of the Kuroshio and Oyashio ocean currents. The intricate design is truly masterful. 

Grand Seiko SLGA023G

With increased readability, operability, and robustness, this new Grand Seiko release is the perfect diver’s watch.

SLGA019 – Evolution 9 'Lake Suwa'

Once again inspired by the natural environment of Japan, the new Grand Seiko SLGA019 is a fantastic new addition to their Evolution 9 collection.

Grand Seiko SLGA019

An automatic five-day Spring Drive model inspired by Lake Suwa stirred by an early morning breeze.

This 40mm model features both a case and bracelet in high-intensity titanium, making it highly resistant to rust, corrosion, and scratches. Powered by Calibre 9RA2 Spring Drive movement, this timepiece is capable of operating for approximately 120 hours when fully wound. 

Grand Seiko Dial SLGA019

Like many Grand Seiko designs, SLGA019 evokes the beauty of the place in Japan in which it was made. The blue dial is reminiscent of the surface of Lake Suwa and its gentle waves in early morning hours.  

Grand Seiko SLGA019

The blue dial manifests different colours depending on the angle at which it catches the light, reinforcing the connection to wind moving across and changing the surface of the water.

New Elegance Ladies Models

Grand Seiko has also revealed a number of sophisticated new ladies models from their iconic Elegance collection. Each with a stainless steel case and 27.8mm diameter, these bejewelled new timepieces are perfect for the elegant woman.

STGK019 - Pink Dial

Featuring a light pink dial - inspired by cherry blossom and textured like silk cloth - is new release STGK019. With 45 diamonds set on the bezel and an additional eleven on the dial serving as hour markers, this novelty is sure to sparkle alongside any look.

Grand Seiko STGK019

STGK021 - White Dial

With a pearl-like shimmering finish, this classic new design is white with texture that reminds us of beautiful silk cloth. The 45-diamond bezel ensures that this piece glimmers delicately on the wrist.

Grand seiko STGK021

STGK023 - Blue Dial

Finally, we have this vibrant novelty, featuring a pale blue indigo 'mizu hanada' dial. The textured surface is once again silky in its essence, and is enhanced further by 11 diamonds as hour markers.

Grand Seiko STGK023

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