While much of Australia has endured recurring lockdowns, overseas, the red carpets have been rolled out once again. Anyone with a keen eye for incredible fashion and jewellery would have been delighted recently to see all music and film stars flaunt the latest trends and don the most flamboyant accessories at the awards ceremonies. 

Stretch tennis bracelets Demeglio

(pictured above: Roberto Demeglio Extensibe gemstone bracelets)

In summary, 2021 has been a year of bold statement jewellery, unusual cuts and big pops of colour. Here is our round-up of the most fashionable diamond jewellery pieces this year.   

Tennis bracelets and necklaces

Tennis bracelets have long been a classically elegant jewellery staple. Made up of a symmetrical pattern of diamonds connected by a tiny precious metal chain, they were traditionally known as “ diamond line bracelets” until the 1980s.  Their versatility means they can be styled up and down, and worn with a range of outfit styles and colour schemes. 

2021 has seen a return to these classic pieces, alongside their sister - the tennis necklace. This year we have seen tennis necklaces worn as chokers or longer chains, and in a variety of coloured diamonds, bringing a modern twist to a classic item. 

Demeglio ruby diamond bracelet

(pictured above: Roberto Demeglio diamond and ruby stretch bracelet)

Pairing diamonds with pearls

Pearls have made a huge come-back in 2021 - just think Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Debicki’s portrayal of Princess Diana in the Crown.       

But pearls have taken on a modern twist, paired beautifully with diamonds in edgy styles and colours. Just take a look at our stunning Gellner ‘Castaway’ Tahitian pearl necklace with rose gold and black diamonds. The mix of colours, textures and cuts will create lasting impact whilst adhering to the tried-and-tested pearl and diamond pairing. 

Gellner Castaway necklace with black diamonds pearls

Pops of yellow

Yellow has been everywhere in 2021, and the jewellery industry has been no exception. 

Amanda Seyfried yellow diamonds
(image source:

This year’s Oscars saw Amanda Seigfried (above) show off her $1.5million of jewels, with double drop yellow diamond halo earrings, diamond bangles and a bright yellow diamond statement ring. 

Meanwhile, Malcolm and Marie Actress, Zendaya (below), wore a stunning yellow diamond  pendant necklace set with a 60 carat cushion-cut fancy vivid yellow diamond. Not only did the pendant perfectly match her gown, but her yellow diamond ring, surrounded by 3.07 carats of trapeze-cut diamonds and bright yellow pear diamond earrings. 

Zendaya stuns Oscars red carpet in Cher-inspired Valentino gown

(image source:

These pops of yellow can be achieved with our jewellery collections  too, with our dazzling yellow cushion-cut diamond ring.  It’s 6.90ct, 2.16ct and 2.17ct Fancy Yellow Diamonds with pink diamonds totalling 1.05ctcarat fancy yellow diamond make it a true show-stopper and will add that pop of yellow against a neutral outfit, or tie in with a matching yellow gown or purse. 

Yellow diamonds j Farren-Price

(image above: Yellow and white diamond collection at J Farren-Price)

Unique cuts

Diamond rings have always been  a classic jewellery staple but to add a modern twist, 2021 has seen an increase in interestingly-cut diamond rings. From round-cut to oval, princess to marquise, a different shape can bring a traditional mainstay up-to-date in an instant. We have also seen the recently-married ‘Emily in Paris’ star Lily Collins don a rose-cut engagement ring, giving a modern nod to the vintage classic. 

Lily collins engagement ring

Image source (

Our favourite this year is the marquise-cut ring. Marquise cuts have come in and out of fashion over the years, but this year it is on the radar for many jewellery fans. Its shape dates back to the court of King Louis XIV when it was named “navette” (little pig) for its size and shape. 

The cut is remarkably flattering, elongating the finger when worn vertically whilst, when worn horizontally, takes on the shape of an eye. Marquise cuts also make for impressive diamond engagement rings. 

Take our 18-carat white  gold marquise cut pink tourmaline, sapphire and diamond marquise cut ring (below). The colour, the shape, the sheer size of the stone brings impact that will be remembered long after the end of any event. 

marquise cut pink tourmaline engagement ring

A man’s best friend 

It has happened in fashion, it has reached cosmetics and skincare, but at long last, 2021 has seen a blurring of gender lines in the world of jewellery. 

From pearls to diamonds, the 2021 catwalk and red carpet have seen men wear “gender-free” jewellery pieces with unisex styles being set to trickle down to everyday men and women.  Already we are beginning to see smaller diamonds and minimalist looks appealing to both masculine and feminine ideals. 

Take Judas and the Black Messiah actor, Daniel Kalyuuna at this year’s Oscars. His  diamond tennis necklace worked to add a bit of sparkle against a minimalist black dress suit. 

Daniel Kaluuya wins Oscar for Judas and the Black Messiah
Image source (

Heavy Set Gold Chains

Chain and link jewellery has been a fashion favourite over the last few years, but in 2021 we have seen a rise in more heavy-duty luxury chainware. 

Heavy chain necklaces and bracelets, beset with diamonds and other precious gemstones make a dramatic statement against dressed-down tee and jeans or an evening ball gown.

Andra Day oozed sophistication on the Oscars red carpet this year tying in her diamond-encrusted heavy chain bracelet with her gold gown, purse and drop earrings -  a far cry from the 1990s rapper look you might expect of the heavy chain!

Andra Day in diamonds

Image source (

Our favourite look is the diamond-set heavy chain necklace like our FOPE Vendome yellow and white gold necklace with diamond rondel and the similar rose-gold bracelet. 

FOPE Vendome necklace

In summary

As we ease out of lockdown into a post-pandemic era, the red carpet shows us that more is indeed more when it comes to fashion, cosmetics and jewellery. Bold chains, exquisite cuts, pops of colour - there’s something for everyone, whatever their gender, colour, or walk of life.

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