The Mastery of Patek Philippe

For more than 180 years Patek Philippe has been the pinnacle of watchmaking. Infusing each and every collection with traditional Genevan watchmaking craftsmanship, long-term quality is inherent in these timepieces.

Patek Philippe Behind The Scenes Factory

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Long regarded for its storied heritage and watchmaking expertise, the Patek Philippe brand is always at the forefront of innovation. Whether they are filing paperwork for yet another signature patent or working to craft the new production building in Geneva, precision and excellence is perpetually front of mind. 

Patek Philippe Behind The Scenes Factory

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This commitment to luxury can be seen in Patek Philippe collections ranging from the Calatrava line to the Golden Ellipse collection. Each and every watch produced combines elegance, innovation and unmatched quality to create something timeless. 

The Patek Philippe Factory

Much more than simply watchmakers, the Patek Philippe name is synonymous with horology. Broadly defined as the study of time and the art of measuring it, the different facets of horology combine in all Patek Philippe collections, creating timepieces that are equal parts technical and artistic.

Patek Philippe Factory

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With such a commitment to the study of time and the associated mechanisms, it makes sense that Patek Philippe requires a factory capable of facilitating the various aspects of watchmaking. 

Patek Philippe New Factory

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Taking around five years from inception to its completion in 2020, the Patek Philippe factory provides a place for all of the Genevan ateliers to work under one roof. Designed to feature dedicated floors for everything from the manual finishing of movement parts to research and design, every aspect of watchmaking is well and truly accounted for. 

Patek Philippe New Factory

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It is this dedication to watchmaking as a whole that continues to uphold the Patek Philippe legacy, all while ensuring that they have space to strive for more. While Patek Philippe watches are undoubtedly luxurious, continual improvement remains important.

Patek Philippe New Factory

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With the space needed to research material sciences and experiment with watchmaking technology, Patek Philippe is constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional artistry in the industry. With a keen eye on seamlessly blending traditional principles with modern day innovations, excellence can be everlasting. 

This Year's Novelties

On the occasion of the Watches and Wonders Geneva 2024 Salon, Patek Philippe unveiled unique new alliances of technical prowess and style. These highly coveted timepieces are yet another expression of the craftsmanship and long-term quality that all Patek Philippe watches embody. 

We invite you to discover the rich detail behind two of these exquisite new timepieces.

Golden Ellipse 5738/1R  

The Golden Ellipse with its instantly recognisable design has established itself as a style icon within the Patek Philippe collections. Introduced in 1968 with a yellow gold case, it has since been offered in various shades of gold and dial colours, as well as on different styles of leather straps or metal bracelets.

Patek Philippe New Golden Ellipse

For the first time, Patek Philippe now offers this model 5738 on a chain-style bracelet. Composed of fine rows of links individually mounted by hand, this elegant rose gold bracelet pays a fine aesthetic tribute to the 1970s, during which the Golden Ellipse watch played a starring role. This bracelet featuring a modern, patented construction curves comfortably around the wrist and is equipped with an engraved clasp with three adjustment positions.

New Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse

The sunburst ebony black dial is enhanced by applied rose gold baton- type hour-markers and slim cheveu-type hands, also in rose gold. This timeless, uncluttered aesthetic perfectly sums up the spirit of the Golden Ellipse. To complete the visual harmony, the crown is set with a black cabochon-cut onyx.

Patek Philippe New Golden Ellipse

The original elliptical case, midway between a circle and a rectangle, is graced with harmonious proportions (34.5 x 39.5mm) inspired by the famous golden ratio that is behind some of humankind’s greatest architectural and artistic works.

Patek Philippe New Golden Ellipse

At the heart of this model beats self-winding 240 caliber, an ultra- thin movement that gives the case a very slim profile (5.9mm), making it the thinnest watch in the current Patek Philippe collection.

4910/1201R-010 Twenty~4 

Launched in 1999, the first exclusively feminine Patek Philippe collection has established itself as a classic of timeless elegance, suitable for any occasion with its diamond-set steel case. In 2018, this line initially built around the cuff-style model, equipped with a quartz movement, was expanded by a new Twenty~4 Automatic model with a round case.

Patek Philippe New Twenty-4 4910/1201R

To celebrate 25 years of feminine seduction and success, Patek Philippe introduces a new version of the cuff-style model, featuring a highly refined dial that requires a great deal of time and effort to create. The dial plate is first embossed with a concentric wave pattern, before being coated with dozens of successive layers of translucent purple lacquer and then transparent colourless lacquer which, once polished, create subtle plays on light and a beautiful depth effect. Legibility is ensured by applied Arabic numerals and hour-markers, as well as rounded baton-type hands in rose gold with white luminescent coating, standing out against the elegant purple background.

Patek Philippe New 4910/1201R Dial

The original shape of the rectangular two-tier case is highlighted by two rows of 17 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.63 ct) set on either side of the dial. The crown is adorned with Patek Philippe’s Calatrava cross emblem. The curved, entirely polished rose gold bracelet is fitted with a rose gold fold-over clasp ensuring both comfort and security.

Patek Philippe New 4910/1201R

The mechanical components of the Patek Philippe quartz E15 caliber are crafted with the same attention to quality as those of the Manufacture’s mechanical movements.

Discover the Patek Philippe Excellence

The artistry of Patek Philippe is something to behold. Each creation exudes a level of excellence that is unique to this luxury brand. These highly sought-after timepieces are very difficult to acquire, due to the exceptional demand. If you would like to discuss the availability of Patek Philippe timepieces, our professional sales team happy to assist. Our luxury boutique is located on 80 Castlereagh Street, Sydney. Open Monday - Saturday.

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