With an atelier located in the heart of Italy, Pasquale Bruni has been crafting jewellery for the modern woman since 1968. Blending a love of colour and shapes with a desire to celebrate the inherent beauty of nature, each Pasquale Bruni jewellery collection is an expression of femininity and vera passione. 

Italian for real passion, vera passione is what every woman feels when they wear a piece of Pasquale Bruni jewellery. Now, with Pasquale’s eldest daughter, Eugenia Bruni, joining the brand, each piece in the collection also expertly blends notions of elegance with functionality.

Pasquale Bruni Necklaces

More than just a piece of jewellery, a Pasquale Bruni bracelet or pair of earrings is a celebration of the soul. Designed to illuminate the beauty of nature through vibrant colours and distinctive shapes, Pasquale Bruni’s aesthetic is the epitome of timeless jewellery for the modern woman. 

Floral Inspirations 

Elements of the natural world such as florals can be found in motifs throughout Pasquale Bruni’s different jewellery collections. One of the great blessings of nature is florals. With a distinct femininity, florals are soft and beautiful. 

A real celebration of female freedom and nature is Pasquale Bruni’s Figlia dei Fiori collection. Designed to feature rose gold, white gold, red garnets and even pink chalcedony, pieces in this collection evoke feelings of softness and natural beauty.

Figlia dei Fiori Calling upon inherent connections to the land, these diamonds and gemstones have been carefully appointed to represent the land and sky, fire and even the lunar universes. Expertly conveying how women contain multitudes. 

“We are daughters of the flowers and the moon, Figlia dei Fiori is a tribute to the feminine creative spirit and freedom.” - Eugenia Bruni 

Pasquale Bruni Rose Gold Ring

With a five-petal flower, Pasquale Bruni’s Figlia dei Fiori 18CT Rose Gold White and Champagne Diamond Ring speaks to the essence of this jewellery house. At once representing elegance and romance, the delicate feminine nature is felt in each petal.

As trails of flowers twist around the finger, the ring uses shape and form to tell a story of how the natural beauty of the world and women are intertwined. Equal parts understated and elegant, there is a certain allure to this piece of jewellery. 

Vera Passione

At the very core of Pasquale Bruni jewellery is the notion of vera passione. Real passion for jewellery. Real passion for nature. Real passion for celebrating femininity. Real passion for making women feel good. 

Pasquale Bruni, through his unique approach to jewellery making, helps women feel this passion as soon as they don a pair of Pasquale Bruni earrings or slip a bracelet onto their wrist. From a signature inlay technique and pave settings to signature symbols and unique gem cuts, every element is carefully considered and expertly crafted. 

Pasquale Bruni Jewels with Rose

By paying attention to even the smallest of details, each Pasquale Bruni piece becomes an unique expression of a moment in time. Never to be replicated but also, never to go out of style. 

You need only turn your Pasquale Bruni piece over to view first-hand the expression of vera passione. The rear of each piece is lovingly embellished with the brand’s signature symbols of flowers, moons, suns, stars and hearts. The front of each piece is of course, even more intricate as the brand uses their pave technique to arrange stones in the shape of hearts.

Pasquale Bruni Earrings

To ensure that each collection is more alluring than the last, Pasquale Bruni also employs a unique cut for the gems. Expertly demonstrating this fine touch and inherent craftsmanship of the Pasquale Bruni brand is the Giardini Segreti 18CT Rose Gold Champagne and White Diamond Ring

Featuring a pair of butterflies, this ring works to convey the beauty of nature. With two differently sized butterflies placed side by side, there is a sense of movement in this piece. Highlighting that, while time may go on, the beauty in nature is timeless. 

Fashion Favours The Bold

Worn by daring women such as Dita Von Tease and Monica Bellucci, the Pasquale Bruni brand features an interplay between the bold and delicate. Each piece and each collection has an undeniable air of femininity. However, some pieces feature darker elements while others convey a certain sense of softness.

Pasquale Bruni Jewellery

The Bon Ton collection is the perfect example of how colour can be used to convey a certain air of moodiness or boldness. With darker hued blues and greens, each piece in the Bon Ton collection can be defined as statement jewellery. 

Pasquale Bruni Blue Topaz Earrings

Pasquale Bruni Bon Ton London Blue Topaz and Diamond Earrings in Rose Gold are a celebration of the bold but also feminine woman. This juxtaposition is perfect for the elegant woman looking to convey a depth of personality and an elevated sense of style, whether simply walking down the street or attending a function. 

Exceptional Italian Jewellery For The Exceptional Woman

Celebrating the inherent beauty in every aspect of the world, Pasquale Bruni infuses each collection and piece of jewellery with vera passione. This passion not only translates into exceptionally crafted jewellery, but also, timeless pieces for the modern woman. 

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