Grand Seiko: An Evolution in Aesthetics 

Since its conception in 1960, Grand Seiko has been focused on creating stunning timepieces that feature designs influenced by traditional Japanese concepts of beauty and light. While firmly influenced by these traditional principles, each age of Grand Seiko has been marked by steps forward.

Grand Seiko Design BTS

Embracing new technologies, materials and ideas, Grand Seiko is constantly evolving. For consumers, this means luxury watches that combine new age aesthetics underscored by traditional design principles. 

Grand Seiko Dials

By taking the bold step to play with elements of light and shadow and pay attention to the finer details all while incorporating the essence of Japanese beauty, Grand Seiko continues to be a leading name. From Sabi and Wabi to Shibui and Yugen, each concept of Japanese beauty is carefully considered in order to create the most luxurious timepieces possible. 


The first concept of Japanese beauty is Sabi. Celebrating the bloom of time, Sabi embraces elements of antiquity, realness and tradition. Commemorating organic and natural beauty, Sabi is both an aesthetic and a world view. 

The Grand Seiko style incorporates Sabi by offering an evolution in aesthetics and legibility. Balancing light and shadow with a distinctive approach to hands and index features highlights a willingness to celebrate the traditional and natural beauty of watches while also striving for realness through improved legibility.  

Grand Seiko SBGE257 Watch

Light plays an integral role in how Japanese culture operates. Light shines through the natural wonders such as rich forests. Light also casts a shadow throughout traditionally structured Japanese homes, resulting in shifting shapes as well as rich and deep light and darkness. 

The Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT models such as the Grand Seiko ‘Sport’ Spring Drive GMT (SBGE255) with a blue dial and the Grand Seiko ‘Sport’ Spring Drive GMT (SBGE257) with a green dial are great examples of Sabi and the way light influences the Japanese. 

Grand Seiko Watches, Blue and Green Dial

(Left: SBGE255; Right: SGBE257)

Different colour watch faces are blended with bold hands and indexes to ensure that there is beauty in both the design and functionality of the watch. Making the Spring Drive GMT one of the best Grand Seiko Australia watches. 


Japanese beauty also encompasses the notion of Wabi. This concept finds beauty in both the simple and the functional. Oftentimes, Wabi can be found in pieces that are passed down through generations. 

Grand Seiko SLGH017 Night Birch

With a focus on evolving levels of wearing comfort, Grand Seiko incorporates Wabi into their design philosophy. In watches like the Grand Seiko ‘Evolution 9’ Spring Drive GMT (SBGE283) or Grand Seiko Evolution 9 ‘Night Birch’ (SLGH017) the case’s centre of gravity is low and the lugs are wide.

Grand Seiko Wabi Watches

(Left: SBGE283; Right: SLGH017)

Both of these features combine to ensure that Grand Seiko designs can meet the demands of the modern individual. Offering comfort, style and functionality, these watches have an inherent sense of practicality. Making them the perfect choice to wear daily, no matter the occasion.


Simple. Subtle. Unobtrusive beauty. This is the essence of Shibui. This third concept of beauty finds delight in the seemingly ordinary aspects of life and is underlined by an appreciation for objects with economy of form, line and effort, all of which work together to produce a timeless tranquillity. 

Grand Seiko SLGH013

The Grand Seiko philosophy infuses design and craftsmanship with Shibui. With each Grand Seiko watch, great care is taken to ensure that elements such as the bracelet width, case diameter and bracelet thickness combine to showcase a seamless finish. 

Whether a robust watch like the Grand Seiko Spring Drive Sport (SBGA231) or a more elegant and fine design as seen in the Grand Seiko ‘Heritage’ (SLGH013), equal care is taken so that every Grand Seiko watch can meet the demands of their owner’s lifestyle. 

Grand Seiko Shibui Watches

(Left: SBGA231; Right: SLGH013)


The last piece in the puzzle of Japanese beauty is Yugen. Celebrating innuendo beauty, Yugen speaks to the mastery of hint, subtext and symbolic elements. As such, Yugen encourages style that is unencumbered by unnecessary additions. 

Grand Seiko SBGW283

(Grand Seiko Elegance SBGW283)

Grand Seiko watches exude Yugen. By keeping designs classic, Grand Seiko watches will simply never go out of style. However, simplicity should not be confused with being lacklustre or dull. 

The evolution of Grand Seiko watches has seen enhancements in everything from aesthetics and legibility to wearing comfort. Yet no watch is complete with an array of different functions or accessories. 

Grand Seiko Elegance SBGW287

(Grand Seiko Elegance SBGW287)

By keeping things simple, true beauty is allowed to come to the fore. This way, anyone who sees the watch- whether the wearer or an admirer- can make their own connection with the timepiece and note how elements of light and shadow interplay to create richer, deeper colours. 

Grand Seiko: the new age of watches

Central to Japanese beauty are the concepts of Sabi, Wabi, Shibui and Yugen. While these concepts have remained integral over time, there are ways in which to interpret such principles in the context of modern times.

Grand Seiko Design BTS

Grand Seiko’s style evolution has taken these traditional concepts and infused them with a sense of timelessness. Seamlessly blending modern aesthetics with design elements that never go out of style, this method is the pinnacle of watch making.

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