Over the last four decades, diamond tennis bracelets have surged in popularity. Synonymous with elegance and style, no luxury jewellery box is complete without one.

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Choose the perfect tennis bracelet for you or the one you love, as we delve into the intricacies of tennis bracelet designs. 

What is a tennis bracelet?

The popularity of the tennis bracelet dates back to champion tennis player Chris Evert. An icon of both style and tennis, Chris famously lost a diamond bracelet during one of her many matches. The clasp had snapped, prompting Chris to ask the on-court officials to pause the match so she could find it.

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From this moment, the term ‘tennis bracelet’ was coined. Since then, exquisite diamond tennis bracelets have adorned the wrists of women and men all over the world, including in Australia. Not just for tennis players, a diamond tennis bracelet is a classic and timeless piece of statement jewellery.  

Why diamond tennis bracelets are a ‘must-have’

The beauty of a diamond tennis bracelet is how it can seamlessly transition from everyday wear to formal attire, able to complement any outfit. 

Luxurious to wear, diamond tennis bracelets are perfect in their simplicity yet dazzling in their details. They can also be stretchable, fitting snugly on the wrist thus making them ultra comfortable, and  easy to wear for all occasions. 

While it was a female tennis player that gave the tennis bracelet its name, there are now diamond tennis bracelets for women and men. They can be worn as a statement piece or layered with other jewellery or a watch to create a unique look.

Choosing the perfect diamond tennis bracelet

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the perfect tennis bracelet with a range of styles and materials available, including endless diamond carat weight possibilities from slim and delicate to a more opulent statement look.

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Your choice  is very much a personal decision, depending on your preferences and individual style.


You may be familiar with the classic single row diamond tennis bracelet, there are also options available for multi-row designs.

One row

This is the style most people think of when browsing for a tennis bracelet. Dainty and delicate, the simplicity of the style allows the single row of diamonds to truly shine. Even if you have other tennis bracelets in your collection, a single row diamond tennis bracelet is a must-have for its versatility.

Diamond tennis bracelet

Two row

Similar to the traditional single row tennis bracelet, the addition of the second row of diamonds is striking on the wrist. A twist on a classic, a tennis bracelet with two rows expertly balances sophistication and luxury.

Three row

A tennis bracelet with three rows of diamonds is a true vision  that will instantly transform any ensemble to make it evening-ready and make  heads turn. This a special occasion style that oozes charm and magnificence.

Four row

The ultimate in luxurious elegance, a four row diamond tennis bracelet is an investment piece that will be handed down in your family for generations. This is a breathtaking style that makes a spectacular statement on the wrist


If you recall the story of the tennis bracelet origins, it was a broken clasp that shot the style to the heights of popularity. Jewellers have considered this in the design of modern tennis bracelets and they now feature additional safety clasps that will keep the bracelet securely on your wrist.

There are three common clasps used in tennis bracelets - lobster, spring ring and barrel clasps.

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Lobster clasp  

Commonly used in all types of jewellery, a lobster clasp is very sturdy and secure. A lobster clasp has an oval-shaped metal ring with a spring mechanism. The spring has a small lever which, when pulled back, triggers the spring to open. It is an easy to use clasp that gives a classic finish to the bracelet.

Spring ring clasp  

Spring ring clasps are also very common jewellery clasps, particularly for bracelets. It is best suited to single and double row diamond tennis bracelets.

Spring ring clasps are a round shaped tube that is fitted with a spring mechanism. Like with lobster clasps, the mechanism is triggered when you pull back the small lever. Also a very secure clasp, spring rings are lightweight and delicate. 


Barrel clasp  

While not as common as lobster or spring ring clasps, barrel clasps are incredibly secure.

This style of clasp gets its name from its barrel-like appearance. The mechanism of the clasp is two metal pieces that screw together. It adds a finished and seamless look to the bracelet.


Whilst jewellery design can incorporate a wide range of metals, the most frequently used for diamond tennis bracelets are white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. These precious metals have been staples in the jewellery making industry for centuries, and for good reason.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold has been renowned throughout history for its beauty, but its presence in jewellery, especially diamond jewellery, can be attributed to more than just its physical appearance. Yellow gold, much like its coloured counterparts, is malleable, never tarnishes and if cared for properly can last indefinitely, making it the perfect accompaniment to a diamond pairing. 

White Gold

White gold was initially created to imitate platinum, and is generally made by mixing gold with nickel and zinc to form a strong and hard-wearing alloy. The lovely neutral colour and steadfast durability of white gold is what makes it an exemplary metal to couple with diamonds. Tennis bracelets made from white gold are usually paired with white diamonds for an elegant finish that is ideal for cooler skin tones. 

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Rose Gold

Rose gold is an alloy formed from yellow gold and copper, with the depth of colour dependent on the ratio of the two metals. This pink hued metal is a romantic and timeless choice for jewellery lovers, it is unexpected and yet utterly elegant, often suiting finer, more delicate pieces. Diamond tennis bracelets that are made from rose gold look particularly feminine when paired with pink diamonds. 

Yellow and pink diamond tennis bracelets


Diamond tennis bracelets made from platinum tend to be stronger and more durable than other options due to the high density and weight of the metal. The neutral shine of platinum is the perfect compliment for the radiance of white diamonds, and its hypoallergenic nature makes it a popular choice for those with more sensitive skin. Historically the metal has been a symbol of purity and true love, making platinum tennis bracelets a wonderful romantic gift for a beloved partner. 

Diamond tennis bracelets in Sydney

Diamond tennis bracelets are a luxurious but comfortable must-have in every jewellery collection. Make an inquiry with J Farren-Price to discuss our collection today.

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