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Chopard’s Iconic Happy Sport Collection

Since 1993, Chopard’s Happy Sport collection has represented effortless style and classic elegance, being the first watch to incorporate the now infamous ‘floating diamonds’ within a stainless steel case.

Prior to this in 1976, the Happy Diamonds collection was first introduced by co-owner Karin Scheufele who was quoted as saying “Diamonds are happiest when they are free!”. Her daughter Caroline then later launched the Happy Sports collection, which now has over 1000 iterations, all complete with floating diamonds in the dial.

Combining its watchmaking and fine jewellery expertise, the signature collection has now expanded to varying shapes, metals, configurations and mechanical movements. Upon their initial release, the Happy Sport watches were some of the first ladies diamond timepieces that weren’t intended for formal occasions.


Unlike most ladies watches with diamonds, the collection is tailored towards the everyday, modern woman. Their elegant and sporty design revolutionised ladies watches into a collection that can be worn on an everyday basis and on any occasion.

Today, the Happy Sport has grown to be one of Chopard’s most popular and iconic collections, which now include models crafted entirely of ethically sourced gold since July 2018. Ethical gold is gold mined from sources that meet best practical environmental and social standards, such as Fairmined-certified mines, which ensure that the mines are structurally sound and safe for workers.

For more information about these exquisite timepieces, and the entire Chopard collection, we encourage you to speak to one of our dedicated Customer Service team members at J Farren-Price. Please submit an enquiry via our website or via phone at 02 9231 3299. We also invite you to visit us at our boutique at 80 Castlereagh Street, Sydney.

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