Buben & Zorweg for Bugatti: The Hyper Safe Collection 

The year 2023 begins with the exciting opportunity to pre-order a luxury safe from the all new Buben & Zorweg for Bugatti Hyper Safe Collection. With each model limited to 25 pieces, you’ll absolutely love this exclusive new release.

Buben & Zorweg for Bugatti Hyper Safe Collection on Concrete

The Journey Continues...

Buben & Zorweg for Bugatti Logo Black

In 2020, the first incomparable creations of a partnership between Buben & Zorweg and Bugatti Automobiles were revealed. Today, Buben & Zorweg are proud to announce that the partnership with Bugatti continues, in pursuit of new levels of security, beauty and technology in their luxury safes.

Buben&Zorweg for Bugatti HyperLight Safe in Loft

Thus, this time the vision and ultimate goal of the company's engineering and design experts was to create a never before seen fusion of incomparable aesthetics and technical finesse in the field of true High-Security Safes.


Unmistakable from any angle, the new collection comes with a number of world-firsts:

Safe Door & Handle

The completely re-engineered safe door consists of an ultra-steel core and a unique carbon fibre surface available in various colour shades, just like Bugatti’s modern hyper sports cars.

Buben&Zorweg for Bugatti HyperSafe Collection Doors Closeup

The handle represents a novelty in the world of high-security safes. A completely new design, it is the first door handle to have been developed uncompromisingly with a focus on delivering a pure luxury user experience, over 3000 milling steps are necessary for fascinating aesthetics and guaranteeing a perfect grip every time you open your new masterpiece. 

Buben&Zorweg for Bugatti HyperTrack Safe, Open in Dark, Blue Interior

The ergonomically designed drawer handles, the lock cover plate and the door handle are all intricately shaped to suit the unique character of this Masterpiece Collection, and the integrated emblems always attract attention.

Buben&Zorweg for Bugatti HyperLight Safe Door, Showing Emblem

New High-Tech Coating

With the Light-Arch-Protection Coating (LAP Coating) Buben & Zorweg introduces a cutting-edge high-tech finish. The new coating material reinforces all stainless steel elements, from the handle to the bolts, making them even more resilient and resistant to scratches. Furthermore, the three distinctive coating colours form an essential part of the aesthetic concept of the collection.

Buben&Zorweg for Bugatti HyperTrack Safe in Room

Lighting Concept & 360-Degree Experience

The innovative lighting concept on the sides is the first in the world of high-security safes and creates a visual 360-degree experience, elevating the safes into sculptural pieces of art. The controllable and dimmable two-side Ambient Lighting is inspired by the famous Bugatti signature C-Line and perfectly defines the tone of your living space. It can pair elegantly with its surroundings or become the statement piece of the room.

Buben&Zorweg for Bugatti HyperDark Safe in Living Room

The hyper sports car-inspired Balance Lines at the front and top of the object further give new perspectives from every angle perfectly orchestrating superior performance and beautiful aesthetics.

Buben&Zorweg for Bugatti HyperTrack Safe in Concrete Room with Furniture

Collection Models

Available as HYPER LIGHT, HYPER DARK und HYPER TRACK version all models share the same vision and yet radiate a distinct and unique aura. 

Buben&Zorweg for Bugatti HyperSafe Collection Closeup Three Safes

The Hyper Light model combines Napa Leather in Pearl Beige & Shadow Grey, LAP Coating in Stone matt finish and the safe door in Light Super Composite Fibre, radiating a warm and classy style. 

Buben & Zorweg Bugatti Hyper Light Safe, Closed, Open, Side View

The Hyper Dark model blends Napa Leather in Mocha Brown & Powder Grey, LAP Coating in Copper matt finish and the safe door in Dark High-Tech Carbon Fibre, which adds a special vibrant and mystical flair to your home.

Buben & Zorweg x Bugatti HyperDark Safe Front & Side View

Of all models, the Hyper Track represents Bugatti’s DNA in its purest form. Expanded black high-tech carbon fibre elements on the front and the side and top part, paired with a Napa Leather in Pace Blue – reminiscent of Bugatti’s French Racing Blue – makes this model the perfect choice for racing enthusiasts. The LAP Coating is in Onyx matt finish and the safe door in Track High-Tech Carbon Fibre.

Buben & Zorweg x Bugatti Hyper Track Blue Safe Front & Side View

Dimensions: H 1271 mm | W 515 mm | D 480 mm; Weight: 300 kg

German High Security Certification: VdS, EN 1143-1

Interior Configuration: Individual combination of watch winders, drawers for watches, jewellery, cufflinks, car keys, etc.

Buben&Zorweg for Bugatti HyperLight Safe Interior

To live up to the essence of the collaboration and promise to create only the finest objects, each Hyper Safe Model is limited to 25 pieces. Discover the Buben & Zorweg for Bugatti Hyper Safe Collection. A class of its own. 

Buben&Zorweg for Bugatti HyperLight Safe in Bedroom

Pre-Order Today with J Farren-Price

Enquire online here to pre-order your luxury safe from The Hyper Safe Collection, or visit our Sydney boutique to discuss these remarkable new pieces with a member of our professional sales team.

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