The rush of new love and the glow of femininity. Tender affection and romantic adoration. Feminine charm and the passion of youth. There are many wonderful things associated with the colour pink, and an Argyle Pink Diamond perfectly encapsulates them all. 

Argyle pink diamond tender

This rare gemstone is known to be revered by many but acquired by only a fortunate few, fewer still now that Rio Tinto’s Argyle Diamond Mine as of 2020, has closed for good. The mine, located in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia was first discovered in 1979 by a group of geologists, and at the time was the largest diamond mine on Earth. Pictures alone are not enough to truly appreciate the scale and magnitude of the deposit. 

Argyle Pink Diamond Rio Tinto Mine Image

(Image Source: David Gardiner)

Since its closure in 2020 there have been no discoveries of pink diamond mines anywhere else in the world, ensuring that these diamonds remain amongst the most elusive and most coveted gemstones to exist.

Why Argyle Pink Diamonds make for the perfect investment

Since their discovery in 1979, the price of Argyle Pink Diamonds has never dropped, not even in times of financial struggle – in fact it has steadily increased and is predicted to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Over the past twenty years alone the price of Argyle Pink Diamonds has seen a dramatic increase that is hard to measure but the estimations are very high. 

Argyle pink diamond tender

With the closure of the Rio Tinto mine a few years ago, the disproportion between supply and demand has only continued to grow, and so too has their value, making them an excellent choice of investment. 

These resplendent gems also make for an excellent medium of wealth preservation; loose Argyle Pink Diamonds and Argyle Pink Diamond jewellery can be handed down from generation to generation and transported across the globe with ease, not to mention there is no fear of wear-and-tear due to their natural durability.

Thanks to the ratio between their size and their value, Argyle Pink Diamonds are one of the most highly concentrated forms of wealth that one can own, making them both an aesthetically beautiful accessory and an ideal investment.

What to look for in an Argyle Pink Diamond

There are a number of qualities to look out for when investing in an Argyle Pink Diamond. Whilst white diamonds are evaluated based on their carat, clarity, and weight, Argyle Pink Diamonds have a different scale of appraisal that relies on rarity in the form of hue, tone, and saturation.

Argyle IGI collectors diamonds

No other mine has produced diamonds with the vibrancy and depth of hue that Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine has. Hue refers to the dominant colour present in the diamond, although the overall aesthetic is also affected by variations of pink colours. For example a diamond that is appraised as ‘Purplish Pink’ would appear to be predominantly pink with modifying purple accents. Diamonds with an intense pure pink hue are exceedingly rare and demand the highest prices out of all pink diamonds.

The tone of an Argyle Pink Diamond refers to how light or dark it appears. Lighter tones tend to appear more youthful and delicate, whereas medium tones can more easily achieve a higher saturation. Diamonds with dark tones typically possess brown modifying colours, or secondary hues, and aren’t valued as highly as their lighter counterparts.

The final factor of evaluation is saturation, which refers to the intensity and purity of the hue. Pink diamonds with high saturation are extremely rare and are thus considered more valuable. 

J Farren-Price Sydney – Pink Diamond Collection

Loose Argyle Pink Diamonds

Argyle Pink Diamond, radiant cut, 0.75ct, lot 18, loose

If you are looking to make a strategic investment, loose Argyle Pink Diamonds are the perfect choice. J Farren-Price’s collection of loose diamonds each come complete with a protective box or sealed packet and certification papers. Above is a vibrant 0.75CT (Lot #18) Argyle Pink Diamond in a Radiant cut, acquired from the annual Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender. 


Bracelet, white diamonds, 25.45ct, Argyle Pink Diamond clasp

J Farren-Price currently houses this Platinum and 18ct Rose Gold 25.45ct White Diamond Bracelet with an Argyle Pink Diamond Clasp, a striking piece featuring twenty-five shimmering white diamonds, joined by an exquisite Argyle Pink Diamond clasp. Effortlessly elegant, this bracelet features a total of 0.20ct of pretty Argyle Pink Diamonds in the clasp creating a beautiful pink highlight in a sea of captivating diamond sparkles. 


earrings, Argyle pink diamonds, Argyle blue diamonds, white diamonds

We have a number of alluring Argyle Pink Diamond earrings available, such as the 18ct white and rose gold pair featured above. These charming earrings feature both 0.15ct intense pink and 0.19ct intense blue grey Argyle Pink Diamonds. 


 necklace, starlet, Argyle Pink Diamonds, white diamonds, limited edition

Our collection of Argyle Pink Diamond necklaces features a range of unique pieces that make ideal life-long gifts for your loved ones. Featured above is the Limited Edition ‘The Pink Starlet’ Argyle Pink Diamond Necklace, a celestial piece detailing three delicate Argyle Pink Diamond stars with a total weight of 0.63ct, intertwined with four radiant white diamond stars. This limited edition necklace is one of only 80 pieces worldwide.


Pear-shaped Argyle Pink Diamond ring, front, side, oval cut white diamond centre

J Farren-Price boasts a wide range of dazzling Argyle Pink Diamond rings, including the 3.02ct Oval Cut White Diamond and 1.45ct Argyle Pink Diamond Ring pictured above. This ring centres a 3.02ct oval cut D colour white diamond, accompanied by two pear-shaped fancy light pink Argyle Pink Diamonds on either side, for a total of 1.45ct.

In Summary

Argyle Pink Diamonds are the pinnacle of luxury jewellery, the perfect choice of investment and a life-long treasure. Even if one were not interested in their rarity or monetary value, there’s no denying their exquisite beauty.

Invest in an eternal masterpiece with the help of J Farren-Price, enquire today to discover our collection of loose Argyle Pink Diamonds and Argyle Pink Diamond jewellery.

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