Argyle Pink Diamond ‘Jewelled Tiger’ Coin – February 2020 article hero image

Argyle Pink Diamond ‘Jewelled Tiger’ Coin – February 2020

We are excited to have received a very rare Argyle Pink Diamond ‘Jewelled Tiger Coin’ this month. A limited edition of only 8 pieces, we have lucky number 8. 

What makes it so special?

Struck from 10oz of pure gold, The Jewelled Tiger is a numismatic treasure honouring one of the most powerful animals in oriental culture with a magnificent three-dimensional representation of the beast known as the ‘king of the mountain’.The tiger’s body is crafted from 18-carat rose gold and meticulously pavé-set with 328 spectacular Argyle pink diamonds. A Muzo emerald shines from each eye.

An ancient symbol of courage, strength and ambition, the tiger is depicted atop a rocky outcrop with its mouth open in a display of dominance.Discover this stunning Argyle Pink Diamond coin at J Farren-Price. To book an appointment call us on 02 9231 3299.

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