New Year’s Eve is one of the great events on the calendar. Whether spending time with friends and family in a lowkey or more formal setting, there is always a desire to stand out and start the New Year in the right fashion. As New Year’s Eve is the time for reflection and reinvention, it’s also the perfect time to set your fashion intentions. Start the New Year the right way by embodying the style you want to portray in 2024. 

For a style evolution or revolution, look towards new and emerging jewellery trends. Straight from the runway pieces and even tried and true collections can offer seemingly endless bursts of inspiration. 

Trend no. 1 - Stackable Jewellery is Here to Stay 

While the stackable trend has been popular for a few years now, this style choice isn’t going anywhere. Offering a chance to create a layered look, stackable jewellery can be dressed up or dressed down to suit the occasion.

Demeglio Stacking

When layering bracelets, rings and even necklaces, the trick is to approach each piece with care. Think about the interplay between the different colours, materials and sizes. The overall goal is to create a complementary look. 

Roberto Demeglio Image

Whether wearing gold on New Year’s Eve or opting for a silver look, Roberto Demeglio has a diverse range of stunning bracelets that have been specially designed with innovative stretch mechanisms. The range, which is available at J Farren-Price will help you create the perfect stackable New Year’s Eve jewellery look. 

Trend no. 2 - Add a Pop of Colour

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to be bold. With this in mind, a great way to elevate your New Year’s Eve jewellery style is to add a pop of colour. The sense of fun and adventure that comes with wearing colour expertly matches the New Year’s Eve vibe. 

Chopard Imperiale Moonphase

With colour proving to be a widespread trend in jewellery, you can choose to add a pop of colour through everything from beaded bracelets to gemstone necklaces. For luxury jewellery that blends colour and style, look to Chopard’s Imperiale Moonphase watch complete with blue alligator leather strap. 

Chopard Imperial Moonphase

While there aren’t necessarily rules around the use of colour in jewellery, it’s important to make sure that your outfit does not clash with your signature piece. Colourful jewellery can stand on its own, so look to dress in more neutral tones. 

Trend no. 3 - Pearls Are For Everyone 

New Year’s Eve can be quite the event. Some people may choose to indulge in a night in the city while others are perfectly comfortable watching the festivities from home. Pearl jewellery helps you bring that extra sparkle no matter the context. 

Pearl Jewellery on Rock

Increasingly over the last few years individuals have wanted to feel more connected to nature. In home design, this has seen more earthy tones in interiors. In jewellery, this can be seen through people of all genders gravitating towards pearls. 


J Farren-Price is proud to carry a diverse pearl range from Autore. Think rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces. Whatever style of jewellery you choose, your New Year’s Eve jewellery will celebrate the best of the natural world. Shop the latest pearl jewellery and find just the right touch of an elegant sparkle to your outfit. 

Trend no. 4 - Drop Earrings

Prevalent on the runway, drop earrings are a style statement. With more room to convey an intricate design or add different colour accents, drop earrings can be confidently worn in a variety of different contexts.

Drop Earrings

(Left: Figure 8 Earrings. Right: Blue Tanzanite Earrings)

As a widely embraced jewellery trend, you can pop on a pair of drop earrings and stun at a New Year’s Eve party. You can even wear them at home to bring a sense of fun to the occasion. 

Adding dimension to your overall look, drop earrings can be used to complement a bold hairstyle or to emphasise other key jewellery pieces. For the best luxury jewellery in Sydney, including drop earrings, J Farren-Price has a range to complement any style. 

Trend no. 5 - Bold Bracelets 

Big and bold bracelets and cuffs are back in style. In fact, some of the most well-known brands across the world are infusing their runways with bold bracelets because of their aesthetic appeal and inherent symbolism. Italian jewellery brand FOPE has an array of bracelets for those who want to wear to make a statement on their wrist.

FOPE Bracelets on Model

Historically denoting both strength and female empowerment, bold bracelets help the modern woman add stylish and bold accessories to her outfit that speak to a broader narrative or message.  

J Farren-Price have a range of bold bangles in different colours and metals, ensuring that you can wear gold on New Year’s Eve or even a pop of colour and start the New Year in the right way by feeling strong and confident. 

Jewellery trends to last a lifetime  

From bold bracelets and drop earrings to pearls, colour and stackable jewellery, the most in demand jewellery trends make great accessories for New Year’s Eve. Able to be dressed up and dressed down, this versatile jewellery brings a touch of sparkle to every occasion. 

For the best selection of timeless and on trend jewellery pieces, look no further than J Farren-Price. Offering luxury jewellery in Sydney, our collections are the pinnacle of aesthetically pleasing, ensuring that your New Year’s style is on point.

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