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Jaquet Droz - 2020 Novelties

Despite all the unusual circumstances this year and various watch fair cancellations, which has embargoed many of the anticipated novelties – we are excited to bring you the latest stunning releases from Jaquet Droz.

The Grande Seconde Off-Centred in Black Jade

We start with the luminous sparkle of a the Grande Seconde Off-Centred in black jade and red gold.

Marrying the depth of mineral with the warmth of red gold, this new composition of the Grande Seconde Off-Centered offers a pure, atypical vision of Fine Watchmaking as dreamed up by Jaquet Droz.

Daring to create contrast. Playing with light. Transforming materials. Revealing every nuance. The new Grande Seconde Off-Centered does all that – and so much more. Its new theme of gold and black jade brings together the principal codes of the Maison in a 43 mm timepiece that breaks with conventions.

While the design of the Grande Seconde, created by Pierre Jaquet-Droz almost three centuries ago, is ever recognisable, it exudes a masterful digression, a resolute difference: the time is off-center. The alignment of the hours and minutes with the independent large seconds is respected but along a slightly slanted axis, from 1 o’clock to 7 o’clock. With a new century comes a new way to be bold.

Black jade is at the heart of the new Grande Seconde Off-Centered, limited to 88 pieces. Worked by hand as a mineral sheet just 1mm thick, it is paired with a red gold case featuring warm, coppery highlights. The two circles and fine hands are also in red gold, creating a singular contrast that reflects the Art of Astonishment by Jaquet Droz.

The Two New Faces of Le Grande Seconde Skelet-One

Ceramic plasma makes a dramatic entrance alongside red gold. One is steeped in tradition and the other is all about technology. Two new variations of a timepiece that has come to stand for Jaquet Droz’s brazen artistry.

Modern or classic? No need to choose. The Grande Seconde — the face of traditional Fine Watchmaking by Jaquet Droz — triumphed as it roared into the 21st century with the Skelet-One. First we look at the modern version, which is the first time Jaquet Droz has used ceramic plasma on one of its timepieces. This plasma is made by transforming white ceramic with gas heated to 20,000°C, giving it a unique metallic glow without adding any metal fragments to the process.

This plasma material is made by transforming white ceramic with gas heated to 20,000°C, giving it a unique metallic glow without adding any metal fragments to the process. This core modification maintains all the inherent properties of ceramic. It is just as hard, lightweight and scratch-resistant as high-tech ceramic, a material that has widely stood the test of time. The grey anthracite theme carries over to the new ceramic plasma case held by a sleek and modern grey textile strap. It’s a creation designed for collectors who simply cannot resist the seductive modernity of a watch whose design hasn’t changed in almost 300 years: the Grande Seconde.

The traditional model (above) features a case made of red gold, a gold alloy that Jaquet Droz admires for its subtle accents of warm coppery tones. Worn on a leather strap with a novel rubber-like finish, it supplements the watchmaker’s semi-mat alligator straps. It perfectly matches the grey of the bridges suspending the Grande Seconde‘s delicate movement. Inside the 41 mm case lies the airy workings of this exclusive Jaquet Droz caliber where every component is meticulously stripped down to its minimum point of resistance. The fully suspended gear train is attached to the movement’s skeletonised bridges raised by an open-worked oscillating weight that lets light shine clearly through.

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